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Welcome to Park County Development Services, which encompasses the Planning & Zoning, Environmental and Code Compliance, Building, and GIS/Mapping departments.  The following information is intended to help guide you through obtaining development permits, including an explanation of the approval and inspection processes as well as other relevant information to facilitate the successful completion of your project.

When is a Building Required?

A building permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert, or demolish any building or structure in Park County.  If you are in doubt as to whether a permit is required for your project, please contact the Building Department for further information.

Steps in the Permitting Process

Step #1:  Planning & Zoning Approval
The Planning & Zoning Department will initially review your application to determine the zoning of your property.  Based on the zoning, staff will determine if your project is an appropriate land use within that zone district, as well as verify property setbacks are met, and other land use requirements.  Please note: it is prudent to check with your homeowner’s association prior to applying for development permits to confirm you are in compliance with their applicable covenants, and restrictions.

Zoning:  The unincorporated areas of Park County are divided into zone districts necessary to achieve land use compatibility and uniformity.  The “property type” on the Park County’s Assessor’s website is not the same thing as a zone district.  It is important to know your zone district as that will determine the type of structure permitted on your property as well as the timing in which to construct that structure.  If you are unsure of the zoning of your property, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department for further information.

Step #2:  Environmental Approval
When applying for a building permit (regardless of permit type), you will need confirmation from Environmental Health that the current septic system is adequate for your project.  If a septic permit has already been issued for your property, staff will review the septic file to make sure you are meeting all necessary State and County requirements.  If we have no documentation for your system, an NAWT-certified inspection will likely be required so that we can ensure the system is working properly, and to register it for future reference.

Step #3:  Building Review & Approval
To obtain a building permit, your plans will be reviewed by the Building Department for compliance with current building codes and other County regulations.  Please be sure to include all information in your application and your plans, as omission of any one item can delay the acceptance of your application.  Park County is currently under the 2006 code family; however more current codes may be adopted in 2015.  Note that all plans, except those for traditionally-framed, single-story accessory structures MUST BE STAMPED BY A COLORADO-LICENSED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER OR ARCHITECT.

After the submittal of your application and construction plans for review, your project will be given a plan review number.  All plans are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Expect review times of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of applications in process.  APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AFTER 5PM WILL BE PROCESSED THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

Permit Fees

A minimum of 50% of the building permit fee is due upon plan submittal.  For estimates on the cost of a building permit, please visit the Building Department’s webpage under Departments → Building → Permit Applications and Fees.

Issuance of Permit

Upon completion of plan review, the Building Department will notify you by telephone that the permit is ready to be issued or that additional information is required.  Plans will be stamped approved and dated.  When the permit is issued, you will receive the permit, a building inspection card, and one set of approved plans.  The inspection card, and stamped plans are required to be on-site for all inspections.  A highly visible, waterproof container for storage of these documents is recommended on-site.  Please note that following approval of the final inspection, the inspector will retrieve the building inspection card for our files.

Permit Expiration

Permit expiration dates are noted on the inspection cards.  Continual progress is required by Code.  Please note:  your permit may expire if work does not commence within 180 days of permit issuance, or if no inspections are performed within 180 days.  Permits can be renewed for one year, for a fee, which may be conditional on inspections having been performed and upon review of Building Department staff.  Please call well in advance of the expiration of your permit to ensure arrangements can be made to extend your permit.

Transfer of Permit

Valid unexpired permits can be transferred to a new party upon written application to the Building Official.  There will be a fee for such transfer.  Additional fees are applied if there are structural or plan changes.  The original expiration date will remain the same.  Once a building permit has been issued and work on the project has commenced, the project will be completed under the same edition of the Building Code enforced at the time the project was started, provided the permit has not been allowed to expire.

Plan Revisions

If a change needs to be made to your construction plans that have already been submitted or approved through the plan review process, you will need to bring two sets of new plans with the changes you wish to make for re-submission.  A plan revision fee, based on the complexity of the change, will be required.


Your building project is required to be inspected at various stages of construction.  Please see the appropriate building inspection card for a list of those inspections and when to request an inspection.  Inspections may be scheduled with the Building Department office no later than 5PM the day before you need an inspection.  To schedule the inspection, please call the Building Department’s Inspection Line at 719-836-4257 and provide the building permit number, type of inspection, property address, subdivision (if applicable), owner’s last name and requested inspection date.  If you call in an inspection after hours, please call the Building Department the following business day to verify the inspection has been scheduled for the requested date/time.  Should it happen that you are not ready for a scheduled inspection, please call and cancel the inspection.  Failure to cancel an inspection prior to the day before the inspection will result in a re-inspection fee.

The County conducts inspections to verify general conformance with Codes and plans. Quality control is the responsibility of the applicant/property owner and/or general contractor.

Final Inspection/Certificate of Occupancy

Once your project is complete and you have passed your final inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy (a.k.a. CO) will be issued to your building.  This certificate is your assurance that the structure has been fully inspected for compliance with the Park County adopted Building Code.

Occupancy of a structure prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy is a violation of the Building Code.

Snow and Wind Load

Snow load for a structure is based on the location and elevation of your property.  This information is required on your building permit application and can be found on the Building Department’s website under Departments → Building → Snow Load for Structure.  The snow load found at this resource should be used as the ground and roof load.  (No reduction is allowed for roof loads.)

Wind load for the County is designated at 110 mph/3 second gusts.  If both the design wind and snow loads are not stated on your construction plans, they will likely not be accepted.

Fire Protection Districts

Certain Fire Protection Districts in Park County require a review and approval of your construction project.  If you fall within one of the following districts, you may need to submit applicable documents or receipts to verify you have met their conditions.

  • Platte Canyon Fire Department – Mitigation Permit (if applicable) (303) 838-5853
  • Jefferson-Como Fire Protection District – Fire Mitigation Survey Impact Fee (719) 836-2082
  • Hartsel Fire Protection District – Impact Fee Receipt (if applicable) (719) 836-3500
  • Southern Park County Fire Protection District – approval on inspection card prior to final inspection (719) 689-9479

Other Permits

Excavation Permits:  Normally the excavation for your foundation is included with your building permit.  If your building permit has not been issued and you need to get started earlier on the excavation portion of your project, or if you are conducting a non-building related excavation, a fast-track excavation permit may be purchased for an additional fee.  If you purchase your excavation permit in advance, you will not be billed for the excavation portion again with your building permit.

Foundation Permits:  This permit may be applied for separate from the building permit for an additional fee.  Separate foundation plans and a building permit application for the foundation will need to be submitted, reviewed, and approved by Development Services.  Ground-mounted solar installations are covered under a foundation permit.

Manufactured Home Permits:  This permit is required for any manufactured home being installed in Park County.  Only a contractor who is licensed in Park County and certified by the State is allowed to apply for this permit.  This contractor acts as the “General Contractor” on the project and is solely responsible for the whole project.

Mechanical Permits:  This permit is required for the installation of mechanical appliances such as furnaces and wood stoves after a dwelling has been constructed.  If you intend to include these types of appliances into your building plans for a residence, you do not need to apply for a separate mechanical permit.  Roof-mounted solar installations are covered by a mechanical permit.

Water and Well Permits:  Well permits are issued by the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources.  Please contact their office at (303) 866-3581 or visit their website at for additional information.

Plumbing and Electrical Permits:  Park County contracts out plumbing and electrical permits with the State of Colorado.  These application forms are available at the Building Department office.

State of Colorado, Board of Plumbers
1560 Broadway, Suite 1500
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 894-2300

State of Colorado, Board of Electricians
1560 Broadway, Suite 1500
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 894-2300
Randy Spangler – (303) 869-3475

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